Monday, August 1, 2016

The Time is Now - The Promise Awaits

You can do this. I am not a covenant-breaker. My people are. In My judgment, I remember mercy.  This is why I must bring My people through the fires. This is where I shape and mold, purge and refine. I purify My vessels. 

A cooling always takes place after the fire, as in the waters. It is the sword, pounded and shapen in intense fires, then cooled to harden in the waters.

Everything that may abide the fire, you shall make it go through the fire, and it shall be clean: nevertheless it shall be purified with the water of separation: and all that abide not the fire, you shall make go through the water. [Num 31:23]
It is the hardened sword, once proven, that is chosen by the skilled warrior as worthy for any battle.

If one walks away for a season, or falls under the weight of the trial, I am longsuffering and understanding, especially when pain is the reason for the unsurety. Yet there comes a time for repentance; a time for an about-face.

How often have I told you, once My will is fully accomplished in you, things will turn around at an incredible pace. All I have told you is true - I will fully deliver, heal and restore, when all comes into alignment. [there are those the Lord has spoken this into their spirit by His Spirit, is what I understand. BP]
Lay it all down now, for obedience has its rewards.The waiting also has been for a reason. I too have waited - I have waited patiently for you to fully let go of fear and unbelief, for when you do, you shall let go of the past and move forward into your destiny (future).

Yet, if you remain in rebellion in refusing to let go, then My heart will grieve, for you shall die in the wilderness, rather than live in My promises. This is where covenants (personal promises) once forged, are either strong or broken (not by God but by us - this is what I understood in my spirit). All things have an appointed time.

Though it may seem to tarry, it does not, for it has a time appointed.  It must be now that you lay your past down, dying to self. Only when there is a death can the glory of My resurrection power be revealed. 

Choose wisely, for there comes a time where the point of no return occurs. There comes a time when it will be too late (as happened to the unbelieving Israelites, who died in the desert wilderness, never seeing the Promised Land). There comes a time when the door closes, a time when the bar can no longer be lifted; no access of entry gained.

I counsel you - lay down fear and unbelief through the courage of faith, trust and obedience. Then watch amazed (in awe) of My anointing power, as My Spirit manifests My glory.  For My Word is true; I am not man that I should lie. So shall My word be that goes forth, it shall not return void, for it shall do that which I please and accomplish that for which I send it. [Is 55:11]

Now is the time There can be no turning or looking back once the hand is set to the plow, or you are found unfit for the kingdom - past must be let go of.  Go forward. Rise up and go forward, for from the beginning, I told you that you can and must do this. Cross -

I have been with you in every valley, in every turbulent storm, in every sorrow of heart and in every weakness of flesh. I am He who raises up; He who calms the storm; He who walks with you through the fire. I am He who comforts your soul when there is no comfort, and He who turns your weakness into a strength.

Hold fast to that which is good. Set your face as a flint. Gird up your loins like a man and trust Me wholly. Now is the time. When one faces backward, unable to let go of the past, they cannot go forward to receive the gift offered in the future.

Do you not see how close you are to victory, or do you only see defeat? The world is moving quickly toward destruction. Chaos and confusion is round about (and shall increase). 
Hold fast to Me. Focus on the cross. Focus on Me, for through it all, I AM with you, never leaving or forsaking you. This battle has not been without reason, for I have given victory before the end result. In this, I am glorified.

The horse is prepared for the day of the battle, but victory belongs to the Lord. [Prov 21:31]

Faithful is He who called you, who also will do it.  [1Thess 5:24]

But thanks be to God who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ. [1Cor 15:57]

For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak (hastens to the end), and not lie: though it tarry, wait for it, for it will surely come; it will not tarry   [Hab 2:3]